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Trustworthy and professional...At Home Management gets things done with a dedication to accuracy. I can travel with my wife and relax knowing that someone responsible is managing my home, taking care of my bills and any problems that may arise. At Home Management began working for me over five years ago and I hope that Alix/AHM will be with me for a long time to come.

My mother suffered from a debilitating stroke and was no longer able to manage her home. At Home Management not only pays the monthly bills, but also tracks her medical expenses, prepares a calendar of when property and estimated taxes are due, tracks all her tax-related documents, expenses and payments and forwards them to our law firm for income tax preparation. We are indebted to the services provided by Alix and At Home Management.

Grosvenor B.

Mary and Frank J.

It’s hard to live far from aging parents. Over the course of the last year, I was managing the medical and financial affairs of my elderly parents in New Jersey, all the way from my home in Texas. At Home Management and Alix Marsters came to my family’s aid when we were in the middle of an extreme crisis. Both my parents had multiple medical issues, and Alix demonstrated the care, concern and patience necessary when working with them. She was instrumental in managing my parents affairs by taking care of a variety of tasks, including, paying bills, calling insurance companies, managing the mail, assisting with medical forms and medications. It was so comforting to have a trusted pair of eyes to assess the safety of the situation, when I was so far away. Over the year Alix’s organized and efficient work gave me back my peace of mind. I hold Alix in the highest regard!! 

Laurie Ann L.

Alix worked for my family for almost five years. She provided bill-paying and household management services that enabled my parents to focus on extracting the most from their final years. Having a trusted relationship for them — and a bridge to us children — was a great help to the whole family. We would happily recommend her with our heart-felt thanks.

Lee B.

Alix has become the “favorite cousin” we never knew we had.  Her kindness, empathy and management skills have brought our 90-year-old Aunt some much needed stability, peace, and a will to live.  With our Aunt's permission and approval, Alix stepped in and organized her finances and papers.  Alix also helped her make the transition from semi-independent living to a program for greater care in the retirement center where she resides.  Today, Alix helps our Aunt with her correspondence, keeps a watchful eye on her minor health issues, and most importantly, provides her with a friend for whom she feels trust and love. Alix always keeps us apprised of her activity with regular reports, and lets us know of any issues our Aunt may be facing, so we can help strategize a plan to address them.  We trust Alix and At Home Management completely.

Alan and Jacoba C.

Dr. Alex M.

At Home Management, LLC has been an invaluable resource to our family. Our parents are in their 80’s and need help with various tasks to maintain their independence, including paying bills and tracking expenses, scheduling appointments, organizing travel, and myriad other tasks that arise. Alix addresses every one of these needs with energy, efficiency, honesty, and dedication. She truly cares about her clients, and her warm nature and positive attitude come through at every encounter. Our family would be lost without her.

Alix has been a trusted assistant to my elderly parents for several years, helping with bill paying, organizing home maintenance visits, etc. Recently, one parent became debilitated by illness, and subsequently they moved from their home of 50+ years to a retirement place. Alix helped organize every phase of the moving process, from finding appropriate packing/moving companies, to organizing modifications to their new home to make it safer for senior living. Our family is extremely grateful to have benefited from Alix’s diverse skill set as she assisted us during this difficult transition! Always organized, responsive, trustworthy, Alix has a positive, upbeat attitude that has helped our family move forward and we wholeheartedly recommend her to other families.

Sarah A., RN

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